Home Opera comes to my Studio


HOME OPERA has its roots in the world of opera and operetta, but it is presented completely differently. HOME OPERA is performed in private homes that have a piano, high ceilings, open minds and a little extra room for high notes!

The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate and cozy. Grab a cold drink from the kitchen and enjoy it in the soft armchair of your living room, surrounded by the sound of popular and rare opera repertoire, musical hits and other classics, performed by professional singers and musicians with a twist of irony and a spoonful of fun. The intention is to attract an audience that would not normally put opera on their personal top 10 chart.



…with a beautiful river view from my studio


Work Installed In the Wood

After being shown in three UK exhibitions, the nine sided, timber framed dome (IGLOO) has been installed in its final, outdoor location. The structure is situated in a small private woodland near Hastings in Sussex. It will now be left to elements and I am expecting plant and animal life to being occupying the work, so that it becomes part of its surroundings. the St. Jude storm arrived less than 24 hours after the structure and it survived.

Approaching the Structure from the Woodland Path

From Outside Back Top

From Outside Back

Entrance and Inside

Front with Angus (edited)

Looking out of top

Inside Fire + painting

Outside with moss 1

The Construction Process

The Site Before

On the Tractor

Me Constructing

Inside + Pic and Spade

‘In Conversation’ 22nd Sept

Event to conclude the exhibition Dependent Rational Animals.

bearb_4208 Kopie


bearb_4217 Kopie


bearb_4232 Kopie


Artists’ talk about Dependent Rational Animals

Roxy Walsh and I will be talking about the show Dependent Rational Animals at 2pm on 22 September, at the gallery. The talk will be an ‘in conversation’ format with the curator, Sanna Moore.

Review of Dependent Rational Animals in Art Monthly

Review by George Vasey captures the spirit and intentions behind the show perfectly. In the September issue.




DRA Art Monthly Review Sept13 copy



Catalogue for Dependent Rational Animals out now


Designed by Jaakko Tuomivaara.
The catalogue contains 34 full colour pages, documenting the exhibition Dependent Rational Animals. This is a collaborative project with painter Roxy Walsh, and is currently showing at Towner in Eastboune.
It also contains a wonderful text by Booker Prize winning author, Anne Enright.

Dependent Rational Animals

At Towner in Eastbourne until 22 September 2013. This is a collaborative project with painter Roxy Walsh.
More information about our concept can be found at Dependent Rational Animals.
For information on how to get to the exhibition, opening times etc. see Towner.

Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Sally Underwood




Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Photo: Alison Bettles
Photo: Alison Bettles


Materials used in the work: the central tower (4.5m x 5m x 5m) is a timber frame covered with leather fibre fabric which is usually used for book binding and is made in a similar way to paper as leather scraps are compressed and stuck together with a silicon glue; the igloo (2.5m x 4m x 4m if closed) is a timber framed nine sided dome with insulation and wool over the top. The sphere is highly pigmented ceramic power on canvas.

Construction of the Tower

The exhibition is open now and runs until 22 September 2013 On the last day of the exhibition there will be an In Conversation event with Roxy and I, led by the curator.

Dependent Rational Animals opens Friday 12th July

The exhibition is at Towner in Eastbourne and runs until 22 September.


Installing at Towner

First days of install at Towner in Eastbourne. The show opens on 12th July and continues until 22 September.

 Roxy at work with watercolours

2013-07-01 17.20.50

Building the frame for the tower

2013-06-26 10.56.23



Roxy`s work



2013-06-26 17.10.51

Monachos II reconstructed

2013-06-26 17.08.04


Igloo arrives from Newcastle`s Globe Gallery

2013-06-25 16.46.10


Upcoming Exhibition: Dependent Rational Animals

Sally Underwood | Roxy Walsh

Towner, Eastbourne 13 July – 22 September 2013

Dependent Rational Animals website


Invite for Towner

Consuming an entire gallery space, Dependent Rational Animals is an installation within an installation situating sculptures within paintings, and paintings within sculptures, by artists Sally Underwood and Roxy Walsh.  In a play on scale and space, large-scale watercolour wall drawings become a backdrop for a towering timber-framed sculpture shingled with leather and a nine-sided igloo constructed from wood and wool. Within these soft shelters, smaller paintings can be looked at secretly and slowly, away from the openess of the conventional gallery.

Dependent Rational Animals is the first collaboration between Underwood and Walsh, that began in 2012 as IGLOO in the off-site programme of NN Contemporary Art Northampton, developed further for Globe Gallery in Newcastle, and has now evolved into its most ambitious iteration at Towner.

The artists are interested in how sculpture makes space for painting and how paintings hold the interior of a sculpture. Their concept draws on unusual displays of paintings in museums like the Sir John Soane Museum where works are mounted on moveable panels, or Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum where paintings project at right angles from the walls. The title of the exhibition derives from a book of the same name by Alasdair MacIntyre who perceives vulnerability as a central feature of human life. The “virtues of dependency” that he sees as a necessity for individuals to flourish, are reflected in Underwood and Walsh’s collaborative working methods and the interdependence of the works in the show.

Sally Underwood is a sculptor who has exhibited in the UK and Europe including Gagosian Gallery, Sadlers’ Wells and Seventeen Gallery in London; and Station 21, Zurich.  Roxy Walsh is a painter whose work has shown in the UK, Europe and the US including Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim; Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin and Milton Keynes Gallery. She has been awarded many residences and fellowships including in 2000 at the British School in Rome.

Dependent Rational Animals is accompanied by a 32pp publication presenting the development of the project, with writing by novelist Anne Enright. It is available from mid-August.

On Wednesday 21 August, 6-8pm artists Susan Dibs Diab leads a tour around Dependent Rational Animals.  On Sunday 22 September, 2pm Sally Underwood and Roxy Walsh are in conversation about Dependent Rational Animals. For further details of both events, see www.townereastbourne.gov.uk

For further information, images and interviews please contact Janette Scott Arts PR on janettescottartspr@gmail.com, or +44(0)7966 486156.

Dependent Rational Animals

Iglu at Globe Gallery Newcastle

Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

09 November – 22 December 2012














With Roxy Walsh. This is a collaboration between two artists and between painting and sculpture. We aim at much more than simply combining two artistic approaches in one space; the works in the show are interdependent. For example, sculptures in the exhibitions act as hosts for paintings, paintings slow the viewer down long enough to experience the interior of a scuplture and so on.

An outline of our concept can be found at Dependent Rational Animals.
The next exhibition in this series is Dependent Rational Animals at Towner in Eastbourne.